Thursday, January 04, 2007

Cookie Jars

I bought the above glass jar from Ikea and it costs only $2.00! It's durable and airtight and it's wonderful for storing cookies and pineapple tarts. It's quite heavy though and you need to exert some effort to open it. Otherwise, it's a very good jar - looks good too.

The above glass jar (foreground) was bought at Tangs (Orchard Rd) basement level, but it isn't always in stock. I think it costs slightly more than $2.00. It's not as heavy as the Ikea jar. However, it's not very airtight so I do not store crunchy cookies in them. But they are fine for pineapple tarts and any other non-crunchy snacks. Plus this glass jar will look great with a festive-looking ribbon tied round it!

The above containers are great for storing pineapple tarts or other cookies. The one on the left (with red lid) is from Phoon Huat stores. It is festive-looking and is usually the type of container used for storing Chinese New Year snacks - great for storing pineapple tarts too.


Roxi said...

Hey Oi Lin,

Your baked goods look awesome! And I find your tips on making pineapple tarts very helpful, since I intend to start my CNY baking soon. I am going to be making sugi cookies, honeycomb cookies, peanut cookies (and other melty nut cookies, kuih bangkit and popped rice and nut clusters. How long in advance do you usually start your CNY baking? I want to bake in advance since I have alot to bake (for the first time..) but I'd hate to end up with stale cookies.
Do you have any tips on how to store various types of CNY cookies? Any help would be appreciated.


Oi Lin said...

Dear Rox,
It is best to start baking about 1 week before chinese new year. I know that sounds kind of scary and 'rushed'. And you may think you don't have enough time. But the problem with homemade cookies is that they do go stale quite fast because homebakers do not add preservatives. What you can do is this:
1. Buy and prepare your ingredients (eg flour, butter, etc) in advance. Eg. pineapple filling can be made and stored in the freezer till ready for use. Remember to buy enough containers too!
2. Write out a schedule, plan and decide what you will do on the days you have set aside to bake.
3. This is the most important: Gather friends and family to help you. Don't do it alone - it's very very tiring. Plus it's more fun having family and friends working with you.
4. Bake crunchy cookies first because they last longer since they contain less moisture. Cookies that contain baking soda last longer than those that do not. But too much of it gives the cookies a pungent taste.
5. As for storing cookies, use airtight containers. There really isn't much you can do to prolong the shelflife of homemade cookies or pineapple tarts. Putting them in the fridge is the best way. However, you'll have to warm them up in the toaster or oven before eating. The only way of ensuring the freshness of cookies is to bake them, then give them away as soon as possible. Stick a note on the container of the cookies stating that they are homemade cookies, that they do not contain preservatives, so they should be consumed quickly.
Hope the above helps! Happy baking, and have lots of fun baking with friends and family. Have the radio and TV on, chat and catch up with one another during the baking sessions! Happy New Year!!

Regards, Oi Lin