Sunday, September 02, 2007

Pineapple Open Tarts Method

The above video shows me making pineapple tarts – the ‘open' version.
When putting the pineapple filling on top of the cut-out dough, be sure to roll it between the palms to give it a neat spherical shape. Then, gently pat it to flatten it slightly before placing it on the cut-out dough. This will give the final baked tart a more pleasing appearance.
Glazing the rim of the cut-out dough is sufficient - no need to glaze the entire tart because the part covered by the pineapple filling will not be seen. Also, there is no need to glaze the pineapple filling with egg glaze. (I've come across a recipe that said doing so will improve the taste of the pineapple filling. Well, I've tried that and found no improvement. What's worse was that the pineapple filling ended up looking dry after baking!!)

Right: Brush with stiff bristles, Left: Soft-bristled brushBrushes for glazing: It’s important to use a brush with soft bristles because stiff bristles will ‘destroy’ the smooth surface of the tart.

Right: An unglazed cookie, Left: A glazed cookie
Glazing: Glazing makes any cookie look instantly more attractive and appetizing. Glazing is especially important if you wish to sprinkle sesame seeds or nuts on top of the cookies. The glaze helps the topping to adhere to the cookies.

egg yolk for glazing

Egg yolk glaze: I like using just the egg yolk to glaze cookies because the intensity of the yellow colour makes the cookies really gorgeous. If the yolk is too thick, mix it with a few drops of water to thin it. This makes it easier to glaze. However, note that not all cookies need an egg yolk glaze. Some do better with a whole egg glaze (egg yolk + egg white). This is especially so if the cookies require a longer baking time. A cookie glazed with egg yolk take on a burnt appearance if baked for too long.
Although it may seem like a waste to crack an egg just to glaze cookies, the effort is absolutely all worth it. When a cookie looks good, it just tastes better! The remaining egg can be used to make fried eggs, omelettes or simply add to the wok when stir-frying dishes for dinner.


sue said...

hello oi lin ..i really love your blog n cook book. Can u kindly advise on how to bake the open tart without drying the filling.
Do u used the oven fan function or without when baking yr tart?If i bake two trays i need to use the fan function cause i reaed somewhere that to bake cookies or tart best to used the oven with fan function..issit true?


Oi Lin said...

Dear Sue,
Thank you for writing! The oven that I use is the microwave cum convection type, so it does not have a fan function.
But one of the ways to prevent open tart pineapple filling from overdrying is not to overbake the tarts, whether you use the fan function or not.
Also, when cooking the pineapple filling, do not overcook it. Cook till slightly wet (but not too wet such that it can't be rolled and shaped), so that when it is baked in the oven later, it will dry to the right consistency.
It takes practice and experience to get to 'know' your oven. So the more you bake, the more you will understand how your oven works.
Wishing you success in your pineapple tart baking adventures!!

Warm regards,
Oi Lin

Mel said...

Hi Oi Lin,

Thanks for all the wonderful tips for making of pineapple tarts. I would like to ask if u can give any advise where to get good Soft-bristled grazing brush? i bought one similar on the right (refering to picture given), the hair of it keep on coming off.. I gave up on grazing my tarts last year.. Hopefully can get one soon..

Thanks again..


Oi Lin said...

Hi Mel,
I understand that good soft-bristled brushes whose hairs do not come off are hard to find. They eventually do come off after being used many times. You can try one made from silicon. I bought one from Tangs Orchard Basement. But it's rather pricey, close to $20!! And it was rather broad, so perhaps it's not suitable if you want to glaze small cookies, but for large cookies, it works very well and its bristles will not come off.

Oi Lin