Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rolling and Cutting Dough

Dough for use in pineapple tarts is usually high in butter content. That’s why pineapple tarts are so wonderfully delicious! (Which unfortunately, is also why we should indulge in them only once in a while.) The buttery dough and pineapple filling simply melt in the mouth. However, this high butter content is also the reason why most beginner bakers have trouble rolling and cutting the dough.

How to handle ‘sticky’ dough:

1. Increase the amount of flour used:- If you are wondering how much to increase by, here's a tip. After you have made the dough, feel it. If the dough is very soft, sift some flour over it and then knead the dough again. Stop adding flour when the dough feels right and can be rolled and cut without being too soft. Do not add too much flour because this will change the texture of the dough. You don’t want to end up with dry and unpleasant-tasting dough.

2. Dust liberally with flour: - Dust the work surface, rolling pin and cookie cutter with flour to prevent dough from sticking to them. Dust the cookie cutter after every use (as seen in the video).

3. Flat scraper:- Use a flat scraper to scrape up the cut-out dough (see what I did in the video). Invest in a good flat scraper (metallic or plastic).

Ghee (clarified butter)

Ghee: Somebody asked me if ghee is considered a healthy fat. As with all fats, it's best to consume it in moderation. Ghee is actually clarified butter, meaning the milk content in the butter has been removed. When butter is heated, the milk solids start to separate from the butter. If you heat butter over the stove, after a few minutes, you will notice a layer of whitish spots floating on top. That is the milk component. If you skim it off, what remains is ghee.
Trans fat: Ghee is a healthier option than trans fat, which I do not use in any of my recipes. Trans fat is found in hydrogenated oil and partially hydrogenated oil. Before I purchase any biscuits or cookies from the supermarket, I will read the list of ingredients used. If I see the word 'hydrogenated', I will put the pack of cookies back on the shelf and not buy it. Trans fat is a very unhealthy fat; it not only increases the bad cholesterol in our bodies, it DECREASES the good cholesterol too! Definitely something to stay away from.


Little Vivienne said...

I find your video are very helpful and useful,however it would be even better if you set up your own baking class.I'm sure that it will have positive responds.

Oi Lin said...

Dear Vivienne,
I will seriously consider your suggestion. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words!
Oi Lin

Anonymous said...

Hello Oi Lin,
i have a question.....i just bought the same pineapple tart cookie cutter like yours,can you show me how to make the dent in the centre ?

Many thanks !


Oi Lin said...

Dear Jennifer,
The cutter comes in 2 parts, one for cutting out the round shape and the other for pushing down on the dough to make the dent. Take a look at the videos on this blog under the contents column (on the right of this page) and click on 'All about pineapple tarts'.

Oi Lin