Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mooncakes and Teochew Pastries

Speaking of mooncakes, the variety these days is astounding!! There are all kinds of exotic flavours and east-west fusion styles. But I think the traditional lotus paste flavour is still the best.

Lotus paste for mooncakes: I tried looking for ready-made lotus filling at Phoon Huat but they're all sold out!!

Lotus paste can be made at home. Buy lotus seeds from the chilled local vegetable section at supermarkets (Fairprice, Cold Storage). They are usually sold vacuum packed. Steam the lotus seeds till cooked, then grind them using a blender/grinder. Stir-fry with sugar and peanut oil over low heat till the mixture becomes thick and brown.

Teochew Pastries
Peanut candy

peanut brittle candy

tau sar piah

I'm not quite sure what these are!

My husband was given a box of these Teochew pastries from a relative who was getting married. These pastries were made by Thye Lee Confectionery, Blk 108, Hougang Ave 1, 01-1283. They are for guo da li (gor dai lai). This bakery is up there with Gin Thye Cake Maker, Tong Heng and Pine Garden.

I took pictures of each pastry and tried them too. The tau sar piah was good - light and not too salty. But my favourite was the peanut brittle candy. Crunchy and simply bursting with peanut flavour!

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