Saturday, October 13, 2007

Flower Fondant Cupcakes

Click arrow twice. You'll see the word 'Buffering'. It will disappear after a few seconds, and the video will play automatically. If it does not play, click arrow again. The video may be a little jerky, but let it play till the end (about 30 seconds long), then play again. It'll be smoother.

Kneading fondant: Above shows my friend Anna kneading her homemade transfat-free fondant (the recipe will be out in her upcoming cupcake cookbook to be published by Boostprints Educational). When kneading fondant, dust your work surface with icing sugar (do not dust with flour as this will change the taste and texture of the fondant). If your hands get sticky, grease them with cooking oil. Next, Anna colours a little fondant with edible colour paste (do not use liquid food colouring as this alters the consistency of the fondant making it sticky and hard to handle) and kneads it till the colour is uniform.

Transfat-free fondant is great for those who avoid eating transfat. Normally, fondant is made with shortening, which contains transfat. (There is such a product as transfat-free shortening but very few stores carry them.)

Rolling and cutting: This video shows her rolling and cutting out flower shapes, then drying them in a plastic tray. This helps the flowers to curl up a little, giving them a beautiful shape. If you do not have such a tray, use a clean dry sponge (as shown in the video) and chopstick. Roll a little white fondant and place in the middle of the flowers.

Assembling: Make green fondant and shape them like leaves. Flatten them slightly and create ‘veins’ with a knife. Lastly, assemble them on a frosted cupcake.

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I've emailed u in regards to my interest in learning more of your nice creation on cake & many others nice food ^^

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Dear Khim,
Yes, I will definitely keep you updated on new posts. Thank you and have a great week ahead!!

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