Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rose Fondant: Step by step pictures

Roll about 8 small balls of pink-coloured fondant, then press each ball between plastic bags to flatten them. Using plastic bags help prevent your fingers from getting all sticky.
step 1: roll up a piece of flattened fondant

step 2: this is the inner piece.

step 3: stick a flattened piece of fondant over the inner piece

step 4: stick another piece
step 5: use your thumb to bend the petal outwards a little

step 6: keep adding pieces of flattened fondant till you get a completed rose

step 7

step 8
step 9

completed rose
Rose Fondant: I’ve taken pictures of rose fondant making (done by Anna). It does take some practice to shape the rose the way you want it. But don’t worry about getting every petal shape right. Sometimes a little irregularity is fine. The recipe for the fondant will be in Anna’s upcoming recipe book titled ‘Gorgeous Cupcakes for the Homebaker’. You can buy ready made fondant in baking specialty stores too, if you do not want to go through too much trouble to make fondant.
Anna’s number one concern about her book is that the cupcakes must be ‘do-able’ for the beginner baker or someone who bakes occasionally at home. I get what she means. Whenever I visit a bookstore, I usually zero in on the cookery books. I love to flip through books that teach cake decorating because the pictures just look so good. And I would love to be able to decorate cakes like a professional. But if I buy the book, buy the ingredients and faithfully follow every recipe step, will my cake turn out that way and will it taste good? Because honestly, if it does not, I will be disappointed. What shall I do with the cake? I can’t give it away as a gift, that’s for sure. Throw it away? Seems like such a waste. Who’s going to finish it then? Then I’ll wonder: where did I go wrong during the baking process? Or was it the recipe’s fault? Perhaps the recipe was never tried and tested, that’s why it didn’t work. Or perhaps there was a printing mistake in the ingredient list? Or could it be the ingredients that I had used weren’t suitable or was it my baking and decorating skills? If I feel that the recipe is salvageable, I will try it again, after making some changes to the ingredients, proportions and methods. I’d record everything in my notebook, every detail. Because that’s how I learn from my baking mistakes. But if the recipe seems like a lost cause, I’ll just forget about it and move on.

My ailing camcorder: It’s been super frustrating. My video camcorder has been failing me! Every tape I put in comes out with some tape hanging out. It has happened before. I guess I’ll have to take the camcorder to the service centre again. So sorry, readers, I won’t be able to post videos till my camcorder is repaired. Hopefully by the end of the week, I can collect it back from the service centre. But do enjoy the above video on making cream roses which I had found on YouTube.
By the way, the screen of my laptop is a goner too. It’s displaying vertical colourful lines all the time. I reckon I might have to get a new one since repairing the screen will cost quite a bit. I was told that the most expensive part of a laptop is its screen.

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