Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fondant Roses

My video camcorder is OK now. So I’ve edited the video on Anna’s fondant roses. I muted the sound in the second video and added some music to it because during the day of filming, there was loud music played outside Anna’s apartment and my camcorder picked that up.

Vegetable Oil in Fondant: Anna has managed to replace shortening with vegetable oil in her fondant recipe. This is really wonderful because I was hoping that one of the selling points in Anna’s cookbook would be that the recipes use ingredients that are transfat free. Traditionally, fondant is made with shortening as one of its ingredients. Anna even said that the baking cookbooks she has read stated never to use other fats such as butter, cooking oil, etc when making fondant. Only shortening will give fondant a good texture. So it’s really amazing that she managed to make the switch to cooking oil and still be able to make fondant that is as good as the ones made from shortening. There is such a thing as transfat free shortening. I’ve also come across transfat free Crisco shortening. However, these are not easily available at most supermarkets.

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