Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ribbon Fondant Cupcake

If you are into baking, you must make a trip to these 3 stores. They specialize in selling baking ingredients and equipment. The variety and assortment of items they sell are simply AMAZING! If you haven’t been to any of these stores, you MUST make a trip down. I did these video presentations for readers who often ask me where to buy certain baking ingredients. So for those of you who have not been to the stores below, watch the videos to get a rough idea of the items they stock.

Here are the locations of these stores:
Watch video on the right. Gim Hin Lee Pte Ltd: Blk 10, Haig Rd, 01-363/365, Singapore 430010. Tel: 67428388. Email: gimhin@singnet.com.sg

Watch video on the right. The Bake It Yourself Store: 182, Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 229853. Tel: 61002253, Email: sales@B-I-Y.com,
website: http://www.b-i-y.com/

Watch video on the right. Sun Lik Trading: 33, Seah St, Singapore 188389. Tel: 63380980.

You can get your baking ingredients for your Christmas baking as well as Chinese New Year which is coming soon. Never too early to start practising baking those yummy pineapple tarts!

Ribbon fondant cupcake
This week, more on cupcake decorating. Making these fondant decorations is really easy, as demonstrated by Anna Chan (author of upcoming book ‘Gorgeous Cupcakes for the Homebaker’). You can buy ready-made fondant in baking stores or make your own. Simply colour the fondant with edible paste gel, knead till the colour is even, and decorate away! In today’s demonstration, Anna shows how to decorate a ribbon fondant cupcake.

Step 1: In the video below, Anna shows how to make a covering for the cupcakes. She uses a round cookie cutter to cut out the rolled-out pink fondant. Then a tracing tool (used in sewing) is used to make patterns on it. Lastly, a dab of water on the back of the round shape helps it adhere to the cupcake. You can use any cupcake recipe but be sure to level the top so that the top of the cupcake is flat.

Video: Pink cover for the cupcakes (by Anna Chan)

Step 2: Make the ribbons. After kneading brown fondant to make it soft and pliable, dust your work surface with icing sugar. This prevents the fondant from sticking to your fingers. Don’t use flour – it’ll change the taste of the fondant. After rolling out the fondant, Anna uses a pizza cutter to cut out strips. A pizza cutter is preferred to a knife because it cuts neater. Then fold the strips to make them resemble ribbons, as shown in the video below. Dab a little water on the underside of the ribbons so that they adhere to the pink covered cupcake.

Video: Simple fondant ribbons (by Anna Chan)

And there you have it! Very simple to make, very do-able. Make these gorgeous ribbon cupcakes and use any leftover pink and brown fondant to create your own designs. It’s really fun and easy. Children will enjoy decorating their own cupcakes too! Send me pictures of your decorated cupcakes and I’ll put them up on my blog for all to enjoy. Send pictures to mail@boostprints.com. Do include your name (or nickname if you prefer to remain anonymous).
Besides working on Anna’s book, I am currently designing cupcake/muffin boxes. And I’m planning to include a recipe on the back of the boxes too. That idea came to me very suddenly last week. My designs were all ready and were at the printer’s, when I thought of including a recipe and picture on the back of the boxes. After all, the printing costs are the same, so why not add in a recipe as well.

I just caught the last episode of American Inventor and I was inspired by the participants’ never-say-die attitude. I enjoyed that show and found it more interesting and funnier to watch than American Idol. (By the way, the executive producer of American Inventor is Simon Cowell. I’m not sure if it’s THAT Simon Cowell, but I’m pretty sure it is.) Some of the participants are full of zest and pride for their inventions. And some of the inventions featured were very creative too. This spirit of creativity and zest can be applied to baking - how to perfect the recipe and make the cookie/cake exactly the way you want it.

So bake away and experiment!

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