Friday, August 15, 2008


Betty Saw's Cookies Galore: I just LOVE this cookie book. So far, the recipes I’ve tried all work! And I like the pictures too. They look like they’re taken under natural daylight. Daylight’s the best for taking food pictures because it brings out the natural colour of the food. The recipes are from Betty Saw (also known as Betty Yew) who has over 30 years of experience in cooking and teaching. She has written several other books too such as ‘Tempt – Cupcakes to excite’.


Tastes of Home said...

wow! you're such a good baker! I love lychee but have not tried lychee muffins before - very creative !

Trish said...

hi oi lin,

can i use Hong kong flour for lychee muffins?

Oi Lin said...

Dear Trish, Yes, you can use HK flour to replace cake flour.